The Banya Experience

For heat-lovers, experienced sauna sweat-ers, and the fearless.

Introducing the Banya Experience to Vancouver Island!

A unique Comox Valley sauna experience, this special, age-old, eastern European/Nordic in-sauna ritual uses bunches of oak or birch (venik/vihta) to create a hot, steam filled, aromatic sensation, that leaves your body craving the cold plunge. The leaves of the bunches transform into a hot massage when brushed against the sauna participants’ skin in the sauna (called platza). This Finnish and Eastern European ritual not only increases circulation and promotes sweating, but is also very aroma-therapeutic as different tree types have beneficial effects on the user, including increasing respiratory function.

The experience can uniquely be found on Vancouver Island at The Lost Faucet and is perfect for weathered sauna lovers looking for the pinnacle of sauna experiences and includes 20 minutes of administered venik massage (platza). Finish off this 2.5 hour experience with a coffee body scrub, a crisp near beer, and sweet treat for each surviving sweat-er! The process is thoughtfully guided by the owners themselves administering this sauna ritual in the Eastern European style. The Banya Experience is available for private bookings for up to 4 people.

Note this is high heat and has real leaf bunches. Some people should check with their doctors about high heat or tree/pollen allergies.

$320 (3 or 4 people) / $300 (1-2 people)