Why Sauna?

A day in the sauna is a day you do not age. – Old Russian adage

Sauna and heat-bathing is one of the fastest growing health trends – and for good reason. Public sauna-ing is one of the most holistic well-being practices because:
– of it’s great physiological health benefits
– it is a collective, social experience
– of sauna’s ability to relieve stress
– and because sauna just feels great!

Physiological Health Benefits: The more you do it – the more benefits you reap!

pain relief
increased blood circulation
heart health
headache and migraine relief
skin health
immune system boosting
chronic pain reduction
helps with respiratory diseases and reduces symptoms of asthma
helps sore muscles after workout and speeds post-work out recovery
may help you look younger and make your hair shine 🙂
lowers blood pressure
helps flush body of excess sodium, lactic acid and uric acid
clears congestion
blood sugar level reduction
heavy metal detoxification – lead, mercury, arsenic are better excreted through the skin than in urine of blood
may aid in weight loss
lowers cholesterol
incorporates cold water therapy thereby activate the body’s natural healing process

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Health Benefits of Using a Sauna

– Heat-seekers have no demographic –

re-enforces connections with friends and family
casual conversation
forced digital detox
inter-generational connection
memory enhancement and may lower risk of dementia
winter depression mitigation

Learn more:
I highly recommend the documentary “Steam of Life”: (Trailer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5HfmtU25ww
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Relieves stress:

with extended and frequent use sauna may reduce cortisol levels
general rejuvenation and is energizing
provides space for a personal retreat
mind relaxation / meditative
helps promote a good night sleep

It just feels great:

the after sauna glow
releases endorphins
reduces risk of depression
the feeling of heating up then a cooling in a cold shower is incomparable!!!