What people say about sauna-ing at TLF

Canadians like me didn’t grow up with Sauna. We grew up with Hot Tubs. Discovering the benefits and finding out that your body can cry happy tears – was my experience going to The Lost Faucet.
Heat – Cool – Rest. Repeat. It’s tough to put into words how it really makes you feel but I encourage anyone to go and have a sweat. Find out. For me it’s an authentic way to truly put things into perspective in your life. I’m a busy Dad, Husband, and Tradesman and there is a real overall inner peace in me when I leave The Sauna.

– Justin

Four of us went to The Lost Faucet after a day at the mountain and it was hands down, one of the coolest and most relaxing experiences we didn’t know we needed. Lisa was an amazing host and guided us through what we needed to know and made us comfortable. We are looking super forward to going again!

– Peighton

This place might be the best kept secret in the valley! We were out hiking on Mount Washington and were looking for a way to relax after…and wow did we find it! We enjoyed a foot soak before the eucalyptus infused sauna; also tried the bamboo whisk, body scrub, facial mask and Aufguss. We left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. My skin also got some much needed attention which was an added bonus I hadn’t anticipated. Thank you for this lovely experience.

– Tracy

I’m a person dealing with severe heavy metal poisoning. Cultivating the practice of contrast bathing (hot to cold) has been prescribed to me to assist detoxification. I was beyond pleased to find this gem of a facility in The Lost Faucet Sauna House.

As a Finnish person I enjoy sauna deep in my DNA. The use of the sauna house facilities has improved many of body’s inner systems, from my endocrine system to my digestion and everything in between. My body is more able to maintain normal temperature and comfort in. my skin. I have seen improvement starting from my very first session. I am sleeping better, my coping mechanisms with stress and anxiety has improved too.

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful which is lovely as a guidance. I feel a wonderful balance of solitary healing, and the suggestions on how to more optimally use the services, grows with each visit. I am grateful.

– Layla K

I was so blessed to experience The Lost Faucet before this all [lockdown] happened.
I can’t wait for this all to be over and we can once again ground ourselves in your magical little sauna.  I have been working lo0o0o0ong hours as my care home had an outbreak the day I got back from the island. I reminisce about my time there and although sad to not be able to go back now, BLESSED i can look back and remember how I felt during those 2 hours and how I felt after. Until we meet again,

– Cassie Mae

I was able to visit the Faucet only once before the virus shutdown. The facility and Lisa were both very impressive. She’s my sauna guru now because I intend to learn all about traditional sauna culture from her. I love the idea that sauna is not just a health activity but also an unhurried social event.

As a lifelong health geek I’ve read about research on the effects of heat on the body. Apparently heat, like exercise, is a “healthy stress” which make the body stronger if used regularly. It has beneficial effects on the mitochondria – the energy source in our cells. I’m looking forward to verifying this for myself.

– Joe

highly recommend!! do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this unique experience. friendliest staff/owners. already thinking about my next visit. ♡

– Catherine

Would highly recommend this experience to anyone, but also want to keep it a secret for myself! Fantastic job on putting this unique space together. Already can’t wait to get back!


This past January I had the pleasure of having Lisa and Dan treat me to the inaugural use of the sauna at the Lost Faucet. I had literally no sauna experience prior, and had often wondered to myself: “What is the point of these things anyway? All you do is sweat?” Well, let me tell you that there is a point, and the endgame is relaxation. What’s more, things could not have been more lovingly and expertly guided by anyone but Lisa (and yes, Dan as well, though his German is not as good yet…). Lisa, a true sauna aficionado, has been around the world in search of the ultimate sauna experience, and literally oozes passion and knowledge on the subject and how to get the best out of your experience. From the tradition of the Aufguss ritual, to the focus on communal experience (and yes, communal endurance…you can do it!), you are in great hands here. Felt like I had done intense cardio without taking a step, and then proceeded to have the best sleep of my life. I also remember saying over and over again: “I can’t believe how relaxed I feel today” for at least the next three days after. Lisa would just wink and say: “Sauna.” She was right.

– Trevor