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Products / Sauna-complimentary items





$60 / $78 / $100

Learn more about why we stock these products. We carry only our most favourite products, many that we use in our sauna sessions. Learn more about why we love each of these products below.

Hagina Mint Oil $16

The scent alone is lifts your spirits, but put a few drops in a shower and it’s a different world. More importantly this can be used like a tiger balm to soothe sore muscles, after that day in the not so ergonomic home office chair you have been in all day or on your chest to soothe congestion. This is the scent of The Lost Faucet Foot Soak! It is mentholated so has a unique cooling and heating feel to it. Use sparingly.

Element Botanicals – Smudge Aromatherapy Mist $18

A great way to escape. This scented spray works well in showers or throughout your home to transform a stale indoor place to a cozy retreat. Refresh any space with this sagey-earthy scent.

Element Botanicals – Alchemist – Serum and cleansing Oil $24 

Sometimes that we forget that our face needs extra special care. This serum is the food that your face has been starved for. It is especially great during the winter months and, of course, after a sauna!

Rento Birch Sauna Soap $14

This one is for the sauna lovers who are missing the scent of birch in your life. Though you may not have access to a birch vihta (whisk) and sauna right now, you can have this lovely smell in your bath/shower. Hang it from the rope to help it last longer!

Rento Pine Tar Soap $14

Here is the ultimate in-home sauna scent experience. This smokey scented soap puts you right in the middle of the great outdoors! Pine tar is excellent as a bar shampoo as it lathers perfectly. A traditional sauna favorite. Hang it from it’s rope to preserve it.

Eurospa Pure Eucalyptus Oil Showermist $18

We do not stock what we do not love and for that authentic, addictive, refreshing  eucalyptus experience this is the best. If you have ever spent time in a eucalyptus forest, your nostalgia levels will take you back!

Hallo Sapa Volcanic Ash Soap by Kala $17

Not your everyday soap. This is the ultimate indulgence in home spa-ing. It’s unique scent is unlike anything you know. It has a mild volcanic ash exfoliate and the rich minerals of that volcanic material. For those who want to truly bring that extra special experience home!

Peppermint, Lime, Basil Home Aromatics by Haven Apothecary $24

The Woods  Beard Oil by Haven Apothecary $16

Solros-Tval Sunflower Facial Soap by Kala $8

Strange Brew Coffee Scrub by Element Botanicals $26

The Lost Faucet Sauna Hat $40

Show off your sisu!

Banya Hat $18

Any sauna lover needs a banya hat. It keeps you head cool when sitting on the top bench! Who knew? And you’ll look like a pro!

Luffa $5

Use for pre-sauna dry brushing, as a soap scrub before entering the sauna, or with our famous salt scrub. It all means exfoliation.

Luxury Flip Flop

wait…. there’s more! Havaianas! Here are the luxury flip flops we have in stock right now. You will never have to buy another pair of flip flops – these last forever! I guess Brazilians know how to make them!