About us

Lisa Jaster photograph

Lisa is a huge sauna and bathing spa enthusiast, having visited over 80 spas and hot springs in 13 countries. Her vast range of spa visits include; local banyas in Ukraine, undeveloped hot springs in interior BC, coastal retreat spas in the US Pacific Northwest, spa resorts in the Ecuadorian Andes, nordic spas in Quebec, luxury spas of all kinds, German sauna complexes, ancient ritual bathing pools in Bali, Turkish hammams, geothermal baths in Iceland and the Azores, and local sauna houses everywhere from Thunder Bay to Vietnam.

Lisa worked for over 15 years in international project development, management, marketing, and international student recruitment. She has held positions at North Island College, Vancouver Island University, Canada World Youth, University of Alberta, and University of Calgary. Consistent in her adult life was a love of sauna, and everywhere she traveled and worked in the world she would find the hidden sauna places.

The problem is that when she would return to Canada, it was hard to find a great place to sauna; an affordable, social place that provided a hot, humid sauna, with a great cool down options, where you could relax, and let sauna do it’s magic.

Enter – The Lost Faucet! It was time to bring traditional sauna / banya to Vancouver Island. In February 2020, that vision became a reality in the opening of The Lost Faucet Sauna House. The panedmic has made sauna session smaller and more private, but the love of sauna continues to grow on Vancouver Island, one sauna believer at a time!

The sauna house model can benefit and be enjoyed by all levels of heat-seekers and guiding people in finding their sweet spot in the sauna cycle, is what Lisa loves doing.

Lisa lives with her partner Dan and her Aussie Retriever Echo, in the Comox Valley.

photo of Dan, Lisa's partner and their dog Echo