The Sauna House Experience

Canada has long and cold winters – this is not news. Finland, Russia, and Germany also have substantial winters but they have a secret weapon in surviving them …. SAUNA BATHING and the warm culture that surrounds it!

The Lost Faucet is a contemporary, sauna house set to open in the Comox Valley Fall 2019. A public sauna house is sauna-centered space to relax, socialize and sweat. The Lost Faucet offers traditional in-sauna, heat-bathing activities such as venike (wafting with birch-branch bundles) and complimentary Aufguss (wafting aroma vapour with a towel). It is a departure from the high-end expensive spa and is instead an informal and classic space for clients to sweat in a maximally hot (90ºC), sauna, cool off (in showers, buckets and misters), and rest and relax in a lounge area. Out of sauna self-administered services include facials, body exfoliation, foot soaks and refreshments. It is a casual and choice-driven experience.

A public sauna for the everyday!

The Lost Faucet is inspired by a number of different sauna models – but if you’d like to check out some examples of similar models to The Lost Faucet Sauna House follow these links:

Loyly (Portland OR)
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The Oak Leaf (Calgary, AB)
Vladimirskie Bani (Toronto, ON)
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