Spa-style add-ons, self administered

The Banya Experience and The Deluxe Sauna Circuit include their accompanying add-ons. In Private sauna sessions for 1-4 people, 4 self-administered add-ons are included. For all other private or public sauna sessions, self-administered add-ons may be purchased for $5 / $7.

The Foot Soak

A long-standing pre-sauna tradition. Soothing salts, oils, and warm water make a foot soak the preferred first step for many heat-bathers. Foot soaks improve circulation thereby expediting sweating in the sauna and afford heat-bathers a quiet moment to let go of their day before entering the sauna. An excellent lower heat option.

The Bamboo Whisk

With its more durable qualities, tapping your sore muscles with a bamboo whisk offers a surprisingly effective massage. Work sore knots out by tapping the bamboo whisk after your first couple of rounds in the sauna. Working with the heat to loosen muscles, this light massage provides a faint residual sensation after your cold shower. This message is self-administered.

The Body Scrub

To complement the deep cleansing sauna, many enjoy a full body exfoliation. Since the body’s pores are opened by the sweating process, a natural scrub can provide an extremely satisfying clean. Just rub over skin, let the natural exfoliants do their work, and rinse. Natural sugar or salt scrubs, infused with your choice of essential oil, are the perfect way to finish your sauna to provide that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling.

The Facial Mask

A face that has been in the sauna will reap the benefits of a facial mask more than at room temperature. Open pores, means that your skin is more receptive to nutrients in a facial mask. A variety of masks/scrubs are available for different skin types. A little extra special care for the most defining part of yourself. Rotating selection.