More spas anyone?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I guess I’m looking for new adventures. Oh – actually I was recently in Germany (Berlin) and there are things to be said about that! I’ll get something together soon. But I am looking for more suggestions for new spas. Soon I’ll be visiting Kananaskis Nordic Spa and will post a reviews. But let me know where you get your sweat on…. contact me at

Review coming soon…. check out a piece of the famous German spa culture!



New format

Gone are the days of making extended spa trips. However I am still exploring and sharing. But just to keep everything straight I will be posting as I explore within a certain part of the world. This way I can keep adding spas-visited as I encounter them. This does however mean that I will kind of lose the narrative aspect of, but it will be easier for the reader to reference. Sweat on… ! Banya 5 Pools - 2