Relaxing the old fashioned way

The HEAT of a traditional sauna. Refreshing wet COOL down. Rest and social CONNECTION with friends old and new. All the ritual maintenance that our bodies crave.
These are the ingredients of the wonderful world of sauna-bathing.
Modeled after Finnish, Eastern-European and German public saunas, The Lost Faucet Sauna House brings the best sauna practices from around the world to the Comox Valley in a casual, relaxed and accessible way. Whether you are coming for our classic 2.5 hour Private Aufguss Sauna Session, exploring the eastern-European whisking massage and cold plunge as part of the Banya Experience, or taking it all in with then the Deluxe Sauna Circuit, you will find a unique relaxation experience at The Lost Faucet Sauna House.
Looking to meet new people and come more often? Try our Social Sauna hours every Wednesday.