About Lisa

Lisa Jaster photograph

Lisa is a huge sauna and bathing spa enthusiast, having visited over 80 spas and hot springs in 13 countries. Her vast range of spa visits include; local banyas in Ukraine, undeveloped hot springs in interior BC, coastal retreat spas in the US Pacific Northwest, spa resorts in the Ecuadorian Andes, nordic spas in Quebec, luxury spas in the Okanagan, German sauna complexes, ancient ritual bathing pools in Bali, Turkish hammams, geothermal baths in Iceland and the Azores, and local sauna houses everywhere from Thunder Bay to Vietnam. Over the course of these visits, she has accumulated an arsenal of best practices and understands how the sauna house model can appeal to heat-seekers of all demographics.

Lisa has over 13 years experience in project development and management, including project coordination, marketing, and recruitment. She has held positions at North Island College, Vancouver Island University, Canada World Youth, University of Alberta, and University of Calgary. Her marketing, community outreach, market intuition and resourcefulness has led to the success of 6 international exchange projects, multiple print and web marketing campaigns, and facilitating hundreds of youth in their international education experiences. She is an experienced educator and a natural host with over 17 years of customer service experience.

Lisa is an entrepreneur and lives with her partner Dan and her Aussie Retriever Echo, in the Comox Valley.

photo of Dan, Lisa's partner and their dog Echo